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We will take your grocery shopping experience to a whole new level! Get all your grocery needs of the most popular and highest-quality brands at Souq Planet, where a delightful, extensive range of your favorite food items are waiting for you.


Once you try it, we’re sure you’ll come back again looking for it! Our bakery is simply irresistible for those longing for Abu Dhabi’s top quality croissants, cookies, fresh bread and other tempting treats.


Tired of searching everywhere for the best meat and cheese selections? Souq Planet offers an outstanding array of the finest and freshest cold cuts of meats and cheeses. Be it domestic or imported, our staff are always ready to slice it just the way you like it!


You’ll always find a pleasing, wide variety of garden-fresh vegetables and fruits at Souq Planet, no matter what time of the year. Come and try out the highest-quality and freshest produce in our stores.


Whether you are looking for dinner, a BBQ, a family event or any other occasion, you will find what you want at our butchery. Cuts of meat here are tender, hearty, always fresh and come from the most reputed farms in the world.


It is easy to for you to feel overwhelmed at Souq Planet’s fish counter as we proudly offer a beautifully varied collection of the tastiest, healthiest and the most sustainable local and imported fish.